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All Seasons Moving Labor Residential Moving Help.

If you are in the process of planning to move out or into your home, we have you covered.  Residential moves can range from easy to complex.  Difficulty can be added when considering steps, basements, garages, and the number of bedrooms.  On this page, you will find some basic info that will help you figure out your crew size, hours of labor, truck size, and what to expect from your All Seasons Moving Labor crew. Once ready, click the "reserve your local team" button to reserve your services.****Note that any unused time is non-refundable.  When booking time, we have to lock out your time slot from other customers.  We do keep an extra hour open for each customer in the event that it is needed.  This hour is billed in 15 min increments***

Please call (636) 866-6755 for long distance moves.  Click below to see long distance rates.

How many men should you use in your Residential Move?

Unfortunately, this can be a difficult question to answer.  Due to the fact that we do not do pre-evalutions, (Saves you money) it kind of makes it tough for us to tell you how many men to use.  You will be the best judge for this.  We can give you approximations that will help you in reserving your moving crew. Please remember that we are a "Moving Labor" service and do not provide trucks for local moves, we only provide rentals for "long distance" moves.  Trucks can be rented at any local vendor.  We can drive the rental upon request.  The driving rate is $2.00 per mile.

For most residential moves, a 2-3 man team is usually sufficient. The larger the home and the more things you have, obviously the longer the move will take. If you want to make quick work of your move , you can always add a man or two to your order.  A 4-5 man team can be extremely efficient when it comes to a larger home 4-5 bedrooms. It will definitely reduce your time and improve efficiency.

Below you will find the recommendations for 2 man crew sizes and times based on the number of bedrooms. Increasing the men will cut down your times and reduce crew fatigue.  By nature, a 2 man team putting in 8 straight hours will tire quicker than a 4 man team doing the same job.  The times  below are conservative estimates. 

2 Bedroom Home Load/unload: Usually 45 min to an 1 hour to load, while 30 to 45 min to unload

3 Bedroom Home Load/Unload: Usually 2-3 hours to load, while 1-2 hours to unload.

4 Bedroom Apartment Load/Unload: Usually 4-6 hours to load, while 2-4 hours to unload

***If in need of packing or unpacking services, please note on the booking form***


Please keep in mind that steps, full garages, filled basements, truck location,  requesting packing/unpacking, and requesting assembly/disassembly can add time to your move.  Please be sure to book enough time.  We do add an additional "open hour" for each customer.  This hour is held open in the event that the job goes over.  This hour is billed in 15 min increments. 

What Size Truck Should You Reserve For Your Residential Move?

10ft truck: Really only good for transporting a few large items and some boxes.  Possibly could load a small 2 bedroom home without major furniture.

15ft Truck: Usually can load a 2 bedroom home with minimal things.  Would go to the next size if there is a full basement and garage.


17ft Truck: Good for a 2-3 bedroom home.  Should get most belongings in this size truck unless there are many boxes and extra pieces of furniture.

20ft Truck: Great for most if not all 3 bedroom homes and some 4 bedroom homes on the lower end of the belongings spectrum. 


26ft Truck:  This is the largest size most vendors will offer.  Filled completely, you can get a 4-5 bedroom home if loaded properly.  If there is a worry that this may not be enough, we recommend renting either a tow behind or another small truck if traveling out-of-town.  If you are local, don't sweat it, if we have to make 2 trips, your crew lead will do so.  You will be in good hands either way.