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What to expect from your moving company.

The most difficult part of a move is ensuring proper loading.  This is essential to a successful move.  Our men know how to load and secure the load ensuring your belongings arrive safely without "shifting".  It's important that when choosing a company to move you, they understand the importance and techniques of loading.  Our men will easily analyze and evaluate the the load height and depth.  We don't want to waist space and will use every cubic centimeter if the job requires us to do so. We will arrive promptly and have a positive attitude for the duration of your move.  

Uhaul offers any size for $29.99
Budget offers moving trucks at varying sizes

Tips to reduce moving labor making your move more affordable:

  • Make sure boxes are packed and staged in managable areas.

  • Be sure to have clear walkways for the crew.  This will increase their effenciency

  • Have furniture padded and shrink wrapped (not required).  If furniture is not wrapped, the crew will place pads on the furniture as they load, or wrap the furniture upon request.

  • Try to box as many small items as possible.  It is better to carry many small items that are boxed as opposed to carrying the same items using 2 hands.  More trips equal more time which equals more money.

Moving supplies and things you'll need for a sucessfull move.

Moving Truck, Pod, Shipping Container, Pick-up truck, or Van. We are a moving labor company which assist customers who have rented one of the above.  Most of our customers rent Uhaul which offer trucks of any size @ $19.99. We can provide driving services for the rental truck @ $2.00 per mile. Simply request driving help in the notes upon booking.


Moving pads or thick blankets. These will be used to cover your furniture and any other delicate piece.  These are extremely important and shouldn't be overlooked unless certain pieces aren't important.  These can be rented at any local moving vendor such as Uhaul.


Large and small roll of shrink wrap.  This will be used to secure the pads to the furniture.  The shrink will prevent furniture from sliding againt each other.  If you want to save, our men will place the pads on the furniture during the loading process...which will still provide solid protection.

Appliance dolly for a refridgerator or large safe.  These can be rented with your rental truck.